330 Park Street Collective, Carlton North, Melbourne

Inkster carried out the design, fabrication and fit-out of 330 Park Street’s east wing, which will be the Inkster Melbourne HQ. It also doubles as a co-working space for eight self-employed creatives. This project was undertaken in partnership with HIP V. HYPE as an extension to their existing studio in Carlton North.

Everything in the fit-out (excluding chairs) was specifically designed by Inkster and each individual element represents new work. Inkster fabricated many elements in house and also worked with other local manufacturers to develop some of these new pieces: American Ash desktops, Tasmanian Oak trestle legs, hand thrown bisque fired ceramic planters, hand turned limestone pendants, Birch ply storage cabinets, hand turned Oak Eclipse wall lights, reclaimed Australian hardwood wall cladding etc.

It was an opportunity for us to extend the Inkster philosophy to the design of a whole space and all of the elements that sit within it. This is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while rather than just individual products and pieces.